Cookie Manager

This applet allows the user to inspect and/or delete currently defined cookies. It can be invoked either by entering the special URL about:cookies into a corresponding input field or by other means such as the "View Menu". But in case cookies are not enabled (see also the dialog "Request Settings"), either an error message or nothing at all does appear.

Managing Cookies

The cookie manager provides an HTML interface that presents a list of all URL prefixes for which at least one cookie is currently defined. The name-value pairs of cookies are presented as a sublist of the URL prefix for which they are defined. The checkbox in front of a prefix may be used to mark it and consequently all associated name-value pairs for deletion, which can finally be initiated by using a submit button that is provided at the bottom of the list.


All subsequent requests that use the requests context that is used to invoke an instance of the cookie manager are immediately affected when cookies are added or deleted. Note that cookies are usually not shared between different request contexts.


This applet, if enabled, is part of all request processing chains. For this reason, the namespace of URLs is not limited by this applet in any other way as to catch and respond to about:cookies.