Built-in Help System

This applet represents the built-in help system of w3browse. It may be invoked by the "Help Menu" or by using the context-sensitive keyboard shortcut Alt-H. Another way to browse through the help system is to make use of internal URLs that start with the prefix internal://help/.


The files constituting the help system are just served by an internal server component, much like the way a regular web-server would also do. A difference lies in the fact that an additional invisible helper applet provides the capability to jump to the right help page in cases when a context-sensitive entry point is requested.


Furthermore, it is possible to search within the help system. On the search page, an input field for specifying a query and a submit button are provided. The search results are presented on a separate page, which also allows to refine the query. The boolean operators AND, OR and NOT together with parentheses () can be used to specify a search. Right truncation of words with * is also supported. Note that the search dictionary is built at runtime in memory, so it may take a short time before the result of the first query after opening a help window appears.


Another special feature of the help system is the ability to manage a bookmarks page. This HTML page contains initially a collection of some common links to internal and external resources and can always be accessed by using the internal URL internal://help/bookmarks.html. A special instance of the web page editor makes it possible to edit the bookmarks. The modified version of the page is stored in the file w3bookmarks.html, which is located in the home directory of the current user.


If the help system is invoked by using a menu or a keyboard shortcut, then it operates within a closed environment that uses a separate request context, so that accesses to external resources are not possible and may be honored with an error message. Otherwise, only those restrictions that may be imposed by the request context that is used to access the help pages are in effect.