Network Locations

Network locations, sometimes also called netloc, are used within w3browse to specify addresses of proxy-servers and gateways. They are similar to server-based URLs, but only the first two parts are taken, optionally terminated by a slash (/). The general format of such a definition is:


The default for the optional scheme:// part is usually http://, except for the network location of pop3 and smtp servers as they are used for mail accounts, where the scheme defaults to the corresponding protocol. In other cases, the scheme may be one out of the list of server-based URLs.

The mandatory part host allows the DNS name or IP address of a host to be specified.

The optional part :port may specify a different port number in case the desired service is not available on the scheme-specific default port.

The leading optional part user:password@ specifies a user-id and a password for authentication with the proxy-server or gateway. w3browse generates an appropriate HTTP Proxy-Authorization: header while connecting to such a server, but when used together with pop3, pop3s, smtp or smtps, the authentication features of these protocols are used instead.


The protocols ftp, ftps, wstp and wstps cannot be used for connections to proxy-servers or gateways as they are currently not implemented in w3browse for this purpose.