Goto Menu

The goto menu is a pop-up menu of a viewer window and is used to list the titles of different kinds of elements that can be found in the hypertext of the current viewer window. A title is usually meant to be the text that is enclosed by an element. The goto menu does not appear if the related title list is found to be empty. An instance of this menu may be invoked by using one of the following entries of the "View Menu", or by the help of the corresponding keyboard shortcut:

Section Titles (^QH)
Lists the titles of all heading elements, e.g. <h1>Title</h1>. The heading titles are indented, depending on their level, by two spaces per level. The result is a Table of Contents and represents a kind of structured view at the hypertext.
Anchor Titles (^QN)
Lists the titles of all fragment anchor elements, e.g. <a name="...">Title</a>.
Hyperlink Titles (^QA)
Lists the titles of all hyperlink elements, e.g. <a href="...">Title</a>.
Image Titles (^QG)
Lists the titles (replacement text) of all inline image elements, e.g. <img src="..." alt="Title" />.

Each title of a list is limited to the first, approximately 160 characters. The whole list can be scrolled in all directions. Initially, the entry that is associated to the current (or the nearest preceding) element within the viewer window is being selected.

Activating an entry of the title list causes a jump to the corresponding element within the associated viewer window to be performed. Meanwhile, the window of the goto menu stays opened, so that multiple jumps within the viewer window are possible, e.g. in order to locate a section of interest.