Screen Settings

Within this dialog, the parameters of a screen can be defined (see also section "Screens"), but only screens that create GUI windows are handled here. When running on a tty, the settings can be changed and saved, but the creation of a new screen will fail. Under a GUI, an arbitrary number of concurrent screens may be created successively, each of them set up with different parameters.

The parameters of a screen that can be specified are described in the following:

Title (text)

Sets the title of the GUI window, which is normally displayed somewhere in the title bar of that window.

Font (list)

Selects a font from a predefined list of certain fonts, see section "Handling of Fonts" on how to set up this list for different systems.

Size (text&list)

Specifies the size of the screen in characters in the format WidthxHeight. Additionally, this field provides a predefined list of some common values which is stored in the configuration file.

X-Pos (text)
Y-Pos (text)

These two values specify the initial position in pixels of the upper left corner of the GUI window to be created.

Open New Screen (checkbox)

Checking the option causes the immediate creation of a new screen after accepting the settings, otherwise the settings are just taken over.

0-F (16 x text)

These values specify a palette of 16 colors that are predefined based on the standard VGA palette found on PCs and have been slightly modified by the author. Each RGB color value has the format "#rrggbb" where rr, gg and bb represent 2-digit hexadecimal values for the color components red, green and blue, respectively. On X Window Systems, color names may also be used, but on MS-Windows, such names are not supported, so it is best to not use them at all.