File Selection

This form element is used to hold multiple names of files whose contents should be sent along during form submission.

During display, the first filename of a file selection element is shown enclosed within "=" characters, e.g.


Activating the file selection element causes a helper window that allows to change the current file selection to appear. The helper window contains two subwindows and the two standard buttons for accepting and discarding the current choice. The upper subwindow provides a filesystem browser that is used to select files. A particular file is chosen by activating the corresponding file entry, which causes its filename to be appended to the list of already selected files that is displayed within the lower subwindow. This subwindow provides a text input area in which each line contains one filename. The contents of the text area can be edited in the usual way, and especially, a filename can be deleted from the list by invoking ^Y on the keyboard within the subwindow, after having positioned the cursor into the corresponding line.

It is possible to transmit a file under a different filename during form submission. Usually, the basename component of a filename is used for this purpose, but when a filename specification is prefixed by othername=, then othername is used instead if it is not empty.

File Selection Example

File selection element: