Main Menu

The main menu is the most important menu as it provides access to many dialogs and some shortcuts to other menues that are also found in the "Topbar Menu". This menu also appears when pressing the mouse button on the root window of a screen or when invoking the keyboard shortcut Alt-M.

Access to the following dialogs, submenues and functions is provided by the main menu:

Activating the menu item "Exit W3Browse" terminates the application immediately including all screens that have been opened by this instance of w3browse. Additionally, w3browse does not wait for internal processes, e.g. for processes that have been started from certain dialogs, to finish that might still be active.

In contrast, when closing a GUI window by any other means that are provided by the underlying system such as clicking the button labelled X that is often located at the upper right of the GUI window, only the affected screen of w3browse is closed. Other screens that might still be open are not affected by this action. Furthermore, even if the last screen has been closed, the application may still continue to run in the background because of internal processes that have not finished their work.