List Windows

This kind of application window is used to present potentially large lists of some kind and provides capabilities to browse and navigate within such a list. Other application windows may be opened in case an item of the list is activated.

The window itself of a list window is divided into two parts: At the top, a text input field with label Key: is provided and can be used for quick jumping within the list. The rest of the window is reserved for the list items themselves that are displayed one per line. The items are always sorted alphabetically. They are actually just sorted like sequences of bytes, but because the items consist of US-ASCII characters only, this does not make any difference.

The item list can be scrolled in all directions. The prefix of a desired item may be entered into either subwindow and is immediately displayed within the Key: field at the top. Also, in the course of typing-in the prefix, the list is automatically scrolled to the first item that is equal to or greater than the current prefix, as defined by the sort order. Invoking the Escape key may further be used to complete (extend) the current prefix to the longest possible unique prefix.

Every list window is decribed in the following subsections: