URL Window

This kind of application window is opened by the dialog "Open URL Window" and is used as the main starting point for further actions such as entering an initial URL for retrieving a document. Other windows may be opened as a result.

The window itself of a URL window consists of just one line that is a text input field which is prefixed by the label URL>. The input field is used to type-in URLs for further processing. A value may be accepted either by invoking the Return key on the keyboard or by double clicking with the mouse at the same location.

The input field is additionally supported by a history list that is shared among all URL windows. It contains all accepted URLs with more recent entries coming first. Scrolling through the history list is accomplished either by using the cursor keys Up and Down on the keyboard, or by using the mouse and performing up-down drag operations on the field.

Furthermore, it is possible to make use of the URLs that are contained in a cache in case one has been specified by the parameter CacheDir within the dialog. Entering the URL cache:list into the input field causes a Cache window to be opened to display the cache contents. The URLs of the cache can also be used to complete URLs while entering them into the input field. This is done by invoking the Escape key on the keyboard. Another way to scroll through the URLs of the cache is to use the ^Up and ^Down key combinations on the keyboard. Scrolling starts with the current contents of the input field, or in case the field is empty, it starts with the first or the last entry of the cache, depending on the direction. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to perform this kind of actions with the mouse.

The request context that is used to make requests is created by the dialog and is subsequently passed on to all windows that are created by this window. Responses that are received as a result of making requests are handled in the usual manner and may cause different windows to be opened. This is commonly a viewer window, but evenly the dialog "Save Document" may appear.