FormInfo Window

This viewer window is used to display all information about the formular that is related to a particular form element. The FormInfo window may be opened either by invoking the keyboard shortcut ^T or by the help of the "View Menu", but both are only available if the cursor is being positioned on a form element within a viewer window.

In the first section of the form information display, the values of the basic parameters of the formular in question are given: Method, Action, Enctype and Charset. This section may be empty, indicating that the form elements are not part of a valid form that can be submitted at all.

In the second section, every form element of the form is displayed together with its type and name, followed by the corresponding element itself. In case a title attribute or similar is present on an element, it is displayed as well. Hidden elements are displayed solely for informational purposes and cannot be modified.

In the third and last section, the two standard buttons Submit and Reset are presented. This may be useful in cases where one or the other is missing in the original form. The Submit button is missing if the first section of the form information display is empty and hence the form elements are not part of a valid form.

A special feature of the FormInfo window is that the form elements itself are identical to (not a copy of) those of the original viewer window. This means that any changes made to form elements in one window are immediately available in the other window. But, currently, the new value is not correctly displayed accordingly in the other window. This can be forced to be done by accepting an already chosen value of an arbitrary form element within the other window.